We are a small in home Bengal Breeder registered with TICA.  We take great pride in our amazing Bengal family. Each one of our Bengal Cats are of the highest quality. We interact with each of our Bengal cats and kittens daily, leaving them to be very social with our family & ready to join yours!

We spend a lot of dedicated time putting in the love, affection, and care into each kitten. As well as training with each and every one. They have big personalities, run, play all day long and love to be adventurous. Spending quality time with each kitten is one of our top priorities  so we can ensure they are loving and affectionate when you take your kitten home.

We are happy to offer hand delivery for all our kittens so we can make sure your kitten arrives safety in your arms. We can’t wait of you to join our Bengal family!

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Below is one of our happy kittens enjoying her new home. We are so happy that Vi has such a good life with a family that truly loves her! See more of our past kittens in our gallery.