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Bengals Of Bama

G2 Warm Cinnamon Brown Bengal Kitten

G2 Warm Cinnamon Brown Bengal Kitten

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Reserve or pick up as soon as you'd like! All of our kittens are required to be spayed or neutered at age appropriate , we are happy to offer pick-up or delivery across the country. You can pay for your kitten in a few different ways, Zelle, Cash App, Apple Pay, or on our website. The delivery fee is not included in the price of the kitten. Each kitten will come with a handful of goodies, updated on current shots, health records, a raw diet recipe, a luxurious cat carrier, a baby blanket with mom's scent on it, a packet about how to transition your new Bengal kitten into your home, as well as our food to ween them off of if you'd like to change their diet. If you have any questions at all please reach out we are happy to help find your perfect kitten! -

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